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    Beef & Mushroom Stew

    This recipe is actually adapted from a Mary Berry cooking episode, she made it look so simple I couldn’t help but run to the supermarket, grab all the ingredients and run back home to try. I have some ideas where I might have gone wrong.  I like washing my meat, so I rinsed the beef before covering it in flour. Probably should have dried it a bit, but I basically ended up with beef covered in flour paste.

  • Black Bean Chicken
    Dinner,  Home Cooking,  Lunch

    Chicken in black bean sauce

    I love chicken in black bean sauce, I always find myself in a restaurant browsing the menu diligently thinking ‘today is the day I try something new’ – but my eyes always settle back to the chicken in black bean sauce. In an attempt to stop eating out so often and because I know these Chinese dishes are often made using an ocean of oil, I decided to make my own.

  • Lunch

    Grilled chicken with sautéed Veg

    I recently read a book called ‘The Calorie Myth’ and according to this book I should aim to get at least 30g of protein per meal and at least 10 portions of veg throughout the day. This veg portion seems a lot for me, especially since, after scrutinizing my diet, I realised I was only eating around 1-2 portions a day.

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    Garlic Pesto Chicken

    I love watching the ‘tasty’ videos on facebook but their recipes usually have way too many calories for me. So I decided to try and ‘de-calorize’ the garlic pesto chicken video and I think it came out quite well 🙂 I added less parmesan cheese and used low fat fresh cream instead of full fat heavy cream.

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    Chicken with Cashew Nut Curry Sauce

    I’m getting a bit obsessed with kitchen gadgets these days – so far I have Nutribullet, Spiralizer, Food Processor, Juicer, Yoghurt Maker, Slicer Dicer, Mandolin Slicer, Grater… The list goes on and the kitchen gets more cluttered. Anyway – decided to try this recipe for cashew nut curry because it meant I could play with my Nutribullet.