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    Jamaican Patties

    The nicest patties in the world are found in Jamaica in a restaurant called Tastee’s. Their pastry is thin and crispy and the patties are full of flavour, you could easily eat 3-4 patties in one sitting. On the rare occasion that someone brings these patties into my home there is always a fight and people hiding their share. I’ve always found the hardest part was making the pastry, I just can’t get the thin, flaky texture. Anyway, this is my attempt today – they look like stab victims 🙂 Jamaican Patties   Save Print Prep time 1 min Cook time 25 mins Total time 26 mins   Author: Gracie…

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    Quiche Lorraine

    I can’t seem to get the hang of blind baking – I rolled out the shortcrust pastry and ‘massaged’ it into the tin. I then covered it with grease proof paper and put a large heavy bowl on top to hold it down. I did find baking stones in the supermarket but they cost £4!

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    Tender Lamb Shoulder

    This is another Jamie Oliver 5 ingredient recipe which was simple and fun to make. I found the preserved lemons in Sainsburys in the special ingredients section and followed the recipe word for word. I would recommend soaking the chickpeas overnight, despite the 6hr cooking time my chickpeas were still a little tough. I’d also add more water or cook at a lower temperature because it all dried out / burnt a bit and there was no gravy. Most of my chickpeas were stuck to the tray. 🙁 The overall flavour was nice but the lemons were too overpowering for me, maybe next time I will add less of the…

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    Meatballs in Eggplant & Tomato Sauce

    Meatballs, Eggplant / Aubergine, Tomato Sauce, Win!! I watched a video for this recipe on the ‘all recipes’ website and thought it looked nice & doable.  I made a few tweaks to make it less syns for slimming world, for example I used tin tomatoes instead of marinara sauce and lean beef mince instead of lamb. The taste was lovely and me nan even asked for another meatball! 

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    Beef & Mushroom Stew

    This recipe is actually adapted from a Mary Berry cooking episode, she made it look so simple I couldn’t help but run to the supermarket, grab all the ingredients and run back home to try. I have some ideas where I might have gone wrong.  I like washing my meat, so I rinsed the beef before covering it in flour. Probably should have dried it a bit, but I basically ended up with beef covered in flour paste.