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    Cinnamon Rolls

    This is quite possibly my 6th attempt to make this, always following different versions of the same recipe and ending up with rocks that I could use as weapons. But the other day, I discovered a cookbook from 1997 and decided to try the recipe one more time based on their instructions and I am happy to say, they finally came out soft!! I think the fact that everyone and anyone can make a cookbook these days just means it’s hard to find something that works. Anyway, I am happy with the results and will definitely try this recipe again.

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    Jamaican Patties

    The nicest patties in the world are found in Jamaica in a restaurant called Tastee’s. Their pastry is thin and crispy and the patties are full of flavour, you could easily eat 3-4 patties in one sitting. On the rare occasion that someone brings these patties into my home there is always a fight and people hiding their share. I’ve always found the hardest part was making the pastry, I just can’t get the thin, flaky texture. Anyway, this is my attempt today – they look like stab victims 🙂 Jamaican Patties   Save Print Prep time 1 min Cook time 25 mins Total time 26 mins   Author: Gracie…

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    Chocolate & Vanilla Marble Cake

    I am still trying to bake lol haven’t given up yet. I was a little afraid that this might be beyond my skill level to have chocolate and vanilla swirls in a cake! Too technical – but it was doable and I think it was a success! I reduced the sugar of the original recipe which required 200g – for me the sweetness was fine, It is dry on it’s own but really nice when combined with custard!

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    Gorgonzola Cheese, Prosciutto & Rocket Pizza

    I went on a short trip to Rome recently and tried this combination of ingredients on a Pizza. I fell instantly in love. The flavour was amazing. So naturally I ran home to try it for myself. I followed Paul Hollywood’s pizza dough recipe and added extra toppings that I thought would be great like mushrooms and onions. I have decided these additional ingredients just caused a distraction in taste and next time I will just make it as described by the Italian menu.