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    Classes at Sheraton Hotel

    There are a lot of articles floating about recently in Qatar, talking about diabetes & obesity in the GCC. Let me steal some figures here, but according to Doha News, 42.3% of adults in Qatar are obese. I can only imagine what that figure would be if they included the children I’ve seen waddling out of ‘Dip n Dip’ in the Pearl. Since moving to Qatar in 2013 I have gained 15kg! And it has crept on so slowly I didn’t even notice until I found myself in a changing room, trying on my usual size and getting stuck. After wiggling myself into all sorts of contortionist positions I finally managed…

  • Diet and Fitness

    Food Diary

    I’m currently trying out slimming world online and thought I would share my food diary & recipes. The online system has been surprisingly good – I’ve always related group meetings to successful weight loss and assumed doing it online would be essentially the same as doing it alone. But the online system has a lot of motivation.