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    My Turkish Meal

    I did not make this dish but I am posting it here because I really like the picture I took and wanted to show it off. This is the mixed grill platter for 2 from a restaurant called Melin.

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    Classes at Sheraton Hotel

    There are a lot of articles floating about recently in Qatar, talking about diabetes & obesity in the GCC. Let me steal some figures here, but according to Doha News, 42.3% of adults in Qatar are obese. I can only imagine what that figure would be if they included the children I’ve seen waddling out of ‘Dip n Dip’ in the Pearl. Since moving to Qatar in 2013 I have gained 15kg! And it has crept on so slowly I didn’t even notice until I found myself in a changing room, trying on my usual size and getting stuck. After wiggling myself into all sorts of contortionist positions I finally managed…

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    Eating Out in Qatar

    Eating in Qatar is like an adventure. You are amazed at all the different franchise restaurants, some you have probably never heard of, but at the same time you are wary about Baladiya’s list of ‘naughty’ restaurants that have been shut for unsanitary reasons, whether by serving expired food or from the complaint of a horrified customer who found a new species of insect in their food, mid-bite.

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    Food Diary

    I’m currently trying out slimming world online and thought I would share my food diary & recipes. The online system has been surprisingly good – I’ve always related group meetings to successful weight loss and assumed doing it online would be essentially the same as doing it alone. But the online system has a lot of motivation.