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Eating Out in Qatar

  • Chicken Dumplings - PF Chang's
  • PF Chang's Shrimps
    Seasoned Garlic Shrimps - PF Chang's
  • Longhorn Steakhouse Qatar
    Redrock Grilled Shrimps - Longhorn Steakhouse
  • Longhorn Steakhouse Qatar
    Chicken & Salsa - Longhorn Steakhouse
  • Dean & David Qatar
    Carrot Cake - Dean & David
  • Longhorn Steakhouse Qatar
    Brownie & Ice cream - Longhorn Steakhouse
  • Brownie Crepe - Dip n Dip
  • Steak & Chips - Longhorn Steakhouse

Eating in Qatar is like an adventure. You are amazed at all the different franchise restaurants, some you have probably never heard of, but at the same time you are wary about Baladiya’s list of ‘naughty’ restaurants that have been shut for unsanitary reasons, whether by serving expired food or from the complaint of a horrified customer who found a new species of insect in their food, mid-bite.

But despite this, if/when the restaurant reopens, you find yourself going back because you liked the food, even if it takes a bit longer to eat as you carefully inspect and sniff each bite.

For a while I got caught up in the world of Zomato, I was consciously trying to find a new place to try so that I could take pictures and write reviews. The obsession got to the point where I would regularly visit restaurants with their yearlong ‘opening soon’ signs hoping to be the first to try it.

I’ve calmed down a bit now, especially after seeing the nervous glances of restaurant staff as I took pictures and typed purposefully on my phone, with long thoughtful pauses in between. They probably thought I was reporting them to Baladiya.

All restaurants have one thing in common, they all have something sweet. The other day I went to a French restaurant called Le’Relaise de L’Entrecote (I wonder how many people can say this) and the only food their served was steak, chips & desserts.

At first I thought they might be copying the concept of the restaurant ‘Lobster and Burger’ – not yet here in Qatar – that only serves only lobster and burgers and that whatever food turned up in front of me would be delicious and generous in size.

But no, I was greeted with small pieces of beef strips in a sewage green sauce with soggy chips. They did however have lots of dessert options – I am picking on this place because I was disappointed by the menu, too lazy to get up and go elsewhere and outraged when I saw the food that appeared in relation to its 130 riyal price tag.


On to the great places! I won’t list all of them but the most memorable ones so far are:

  • Longhorn Steakhouse in The Pearl (now temporarily closed by Baladiya)
  • Tasty Rooster near Al Sadd (previously closed by Baladiya)
  • Nandos’ (not yet closed by Baladiya)
  • Rodizo at Crown Plaza hotel (not yet closed by Baladiya)
  • La Mer at Ritz Carlton (not yet closed by Baladiya)

I am going to give praise to Rodizo, they give unlimited amount of meat which is great for greedy people like me. The taste is amazing and the only downside was that I started to get full!

I can also recommend the afternoon tea at ‘La Mer’ Ritz Carlton – went there for my friend’s birthday gathering. The scones were yummy and they even gave us a free cake for the occasion and I love free things! So win.

I’m eating my way around Qatar so check out all the pictures in my food gallery!

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