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    Quiche Lorraine

    I can’t seem to get the hang of blind baking – I rolled out the shortcrust pastry and ‘massaged’ it into the tin. I then covered it with grease proof paper and put a large heavy bowl on top to hold it down. I did find baking stones in the supermarket but they cost ¬£4!

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    Chorizo & Prawn Stir Fry

    I made this based on the Joe Wicks recipe, it looked so nice in his video I wanted to see if it also tasted nice. I don’t usually buy Chorizo because I’m just not slim enough to enjoy such luxuries and I admit when I started frying it and saw all the oil release in the pan, my arteries started to clog.

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    Aubergine Parmigiana

    I felt like trying something simple today – starting from the beginning with my cooking venture. This is mainly because when I try something too complicated it goes incredibly wrong and comes out tasting of nothing. So was this simple? I think it was but typical Noodlebrains style I skipped a few steps. I did not make my own tomato sauce and used a jar of tomato and basil bolognese sauce.

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    Chocolate & Orange Shortbread

    Chocolate orange is one of the few combinations I like (when adding things to chocolate) – I don’t like any distraction from the taste of the chocolate, for example mint chocolate. What an awful thing to eat, I get all the calories of the chocolate yet the taste of mint. I was a little skeptical I would taste the orange from just the orange rind but I managed to stop myself ruining the recipe by adding the juice.

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    Tender Lamb Shoulder

    This is another Jamie Oliver 5 ingredient recipe which was simple and fun to make. I found the preserved lemons in Sainsburys in the special ingredients section and followed the recipe word for word. I would recommend soaking the chickpeas overnight, despite the 6hr cooking time my chickpeas were still a little tough. I’d also add more water or cook at a lower temperature because it all dried out / burnt a bit and there was no gravy. Most of my chickpeas were stuck to the tray. ūüôĀ The overall flavour was nice but the lemons were too overpowering for me, maybe next time I will add less of the…

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    Apple Crumble Cookies

    Apple crumble cookies!! They were soft and crumbly! They did not really taste like apples and were way too sweet – next time I will use half the sugar and maybe add some apple sauce?